Monday, November 9, 2009

Possible Hosts

Still have the Academy Awards on my mind. Because of that, I going to examine few likely candidates for a future show.

Neil Patrick Harris

Why it might work: Judging by his success as the host of this year's Emmys (which brought up ratings), it's possible he might host the Oscars.

Why it might fail: Outside of his work on the TV show How I Met Your Mother, he's not that well-known.

Tina Fey

Why it might work: Hey, her 30 Rock co-star is hosting next year's Oscars. Why not give her a shot? Oh wait, a reason? She's hilarious.

Why it might fail: Something tells me the Sarah Palin skits from Saturday Night Live last year might cost her.

Ricky Gervais

Why it might work: Let's see...his jokes at last year's Golden Globes and this year's Emmys killed, and he's going to be hosting this year's Golden Globes.

Why it might fail: Although he's a big name in the UK he's pretty much an unknown here in the US, judging by the profits of his movies.

Stephen Colbert

Why it might work: Hey, Jon Stewart got to host twice. Give Colbert a shot. I actually find him funnier than Stewart.

Why it might fail: He's kinda more of a spaz than Stewart, so the direction of where the show's going might be obvious.

Well, those are my observations. What do you think?

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