Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twitter Conversation #2

Had another movie-based conversation on Twitter last night. This time the people I was talking were Andrew from Encore's World of Film & TV, a user by the name of FilmBuzz, and of course Ryan from A Life in Equinox. Thankfully, this one is shorter. It started with me twittering tweeting typing that I had just finished watching Quiz Show (again, might be not in same order):
MovieNut14 (me): Just saw Quiz Show. Great movie on the scandal that rocked the 1950's and the way people looked at television.
FilmBuzz: @MovieNut14 we concur, "Quiz Show" is one of Redford's best works, in our opinion...
Univarn (Ryan): @MovieNut14 loved John Turturro in that movie, been a fan of his ever since.
MovieNut14: @FilmBuzz Interesting too, I saw Ordinary People back in June and I like Quiz Show a lot more. Don't know why...
MovieNut14: @Univarn I liked Ralph Fiennes' performance of Charles Van Doren. He was stiffed of a nomination.
DepartedAviator (Andrew): Thank you. Sure I have not seen this in a while...and I'm a sucker for Fiennes. But where was his nomination?
Univarn: @MovieNut14 that was one heck of a tough year for acting noms
Univarn: @DepartedAviator it went to Paul Scofield for the film instead.
Univarn: @DepartedAviator his oscar was taken the year earlier in favor of a Lee Jones acheivement award
MovieNut14: @Univarn True, very true.
MovieNut14: @Univarn Yeah, I'll admit I don't think Jones deserved that win for The Fugitive. He was okay, Golden Globe at least, but an Oscar? Come on!
MovieNut14: Oh great, here we go again. Another movie conversation on Twitter with 2+ users that'll probably end up on my blog tomorrow. (eye roll)
Univarn: @MovieNut14 ok how about this: Panda bears rule. End of conversation. I win. :P
MovieNut14: @Univarn ...O-kay. I need to go to bed. 'Night.

I swear, these conversations I keep having with Ryan show that he needs a vacation. Badly.


  1. haha, it's pretty sad that twitter convos give away my need for a vacation. Thanksgiving here I come! :P

  2. I don't have the dedication to tweet regularly. I type something and then twenty minutes later I'm like, oh yeah...I was talking wasn't I. Ah well. I must say though, I really don't think 1994 was that tough a year, and yet the couldn't nominate Fiennes or Robbins. Talk about snubbery [not a real word, but you get it]. And Univarn, you do need a vacation...I'd say a life, but that sounds crass :)


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