Saturday, August 6, 2011

I love this.

From time to time, I get into a conversation with an older movie aficionado. I bring up a certain movie, and they admit they've never seen it. And I'm like, you're older than me, have seen more movies than me, but you haven't seen that one and I have?

I'm not referring to just the classics, mind you. (Or maybe I am. Who knows?) I always get a small sense of triumph if I've seen a movie that a professed movie lover hasn't. I still get taken aback by their confession.

This is has been another pointless rambling by me.


  1. Heh. Well, part of it is that there's only been movies on home video-tape since 1980 (tape? TAPE?), so some titles that aren't blockbusters and "fern" releases have been slow in creeping into the Mainstream (30 years...tch!), as well. Can you imagine a time when the only way you could see movies was a theater or broadcast (censored, pan-and-scanned, and full of commercials)TV?

    Right now, there is a rennaissance of good movie viewing. There are very few impediments to seeing any movie you want. Many triumphant moments to you.

  2. That's a very insightful comment, actually. It's hard to think of a time when there was no other way of watching films at home, than watching TV, if I can't even really remember the time when there were tapes.
    However, I'm not joining the bluRAY-trend.

    Okay, back to your post: I personally don't experience moments like that very often, also because I don't meet many movie lovers. But it's a great feeling.

  3. You've probably seen more movies than I have. Growing up. I never found the time. It wasn't till after university that I started to dig into movies and become obsessed. And most of the movies I watch nowadays are foreign ones, anyway. Probably something like seven out of every ten movies I watch are subtitled, because that's just a preference of mine. I don't watch as many mainstream movies as I should, which is why I haven't seen so many films I need to see. I work at my own pace, and if I feel like watching an American or mainstream movie I'll do that. It's all they ever play on New Zealand TV anyway.


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