Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malcolm X

It's hard to find a dramatic role from Denzel Washington's filmography since most of his movies are in the action genre. Fortunately, earlier in his career there were a bountiful number of dramas.

As he's serving time in prison, Malcolm Little (Washington) discovers Nation of Islam writings. Upon his release, now as Malcolm X, he preaches the teachings.

Boy, the Best Actor race for that year had to be tough. I mean, considering who was running that year it had to be a strain (or a pain) on the voters. That being said, Washington should have won that year. The rest of Malcolm X I like, though I think it could've been a little shorter. Spike Lee was definitely the right guy to direct this. I mean, who else could make a biopic about one of the most prolific African-American leaders so well as Lee?

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. Happy Birthday, Denzel!

  2. spike lee's greatest film and denzel's greatest performance. both are tremendous talents but this was quite a tour de force, exquisite project. thanks for reminding us about this one.


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