Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crazy Heart

I realize that there are two roles that are bona fide parts for Oscars: the hooker for women and the alcoholic for men.

Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) used to be a prolific country singer. But years later, his status has diminished to a few small gigs. Enter Jean Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal), a newspaper journalist who sees the man behind the musician.

Bridges gives an impressive performance as Blake. I was happy that he finally got that elusive Oscar, though I think it was a "sympathy Oscar" (IMO, Colin Firth should have won). Gyllenhaal was also good, but I think I'm in the majority that was surprised when she got nominated for Crazy Heart. This is Scott Cooper's directorial debut and he manages to provide entertainment for most of the movie. The parts that weren't could've been trimmed down a bit.

My Rating: ****


  1. This film only relied on Bridges performance, which isn't such a bad thing, but there really wasn't much else to it.

  2. The music written explicitly for the film - and actually really performed by the actors themselves - is beautiful and makes it round. Yet another the academy award! I already got the best tracks at home!


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