Friday, December 3, 2010


Jean-Luc Godard. He is considered one of the pioneers of the French New Wave. He has been named an influence by many directors. But what has he done to be called one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived? One word: Breathless.

After shooting a police officer, small-time thief Michel Poiccard (Jean-Paul Belmondo) gets back together with Patricia Franchini (Jean Seberg), a former flame.

I didn't have much expectations for Breathless, so it's safe to say that I very much liked what I saw. Godard is definitely a vibrant storyteller, meaning I look forward to other works by him. At first I couldn't understand how a movie with a plot that simple left such an impact on the movie industry. But after watching Breathless, I now know why.

My Rating: *****


  1. But why did it leave such an impact on the film industry? Expand please!

  2. It's impact was due to the sheer genius of Godard. The seemingly random stories about seemingly ordinary people, but against the background of a 60s Paris and really smart dialogue.
    I love Breathless. The characters are epic!

  3. Nikhat: I understand the impact. I just was just curious as to why movienut14 said it had an impact but didn't take the time to tell us why. Not trying to sound rude here; am just wanting to encourage some research beyond watching the film.


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