Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I'm Looking Foward To

Last time I made one of these lists, it was short and to the point (if you're keeping track, I've seen three of the four on the last list). This time around, I have more. Much more.

The Town
With Gone Baby Gone clearly showing he sure as hell can direct, my interest in Ben Affleck's second run as director is pretty high. Along with Affleck, The Town also stars Rebecca Hall, recent Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, and TV's Jon Hamm.
Release Date: September 17

It didn't get a lot of good buzz at Sundance this year but I still desire to see it, more so since I became interested in learning about the Beat Generation.
Release Date: September 24

The Social Network
This one is on everyone's list (and I mean everyone). The other David Fincher movies I've seen were Se7en and Zodiac, so seeing a non-horror movie by him should be fun.
Release Date: October 1

Nowhere Boy
This features Aaron Johnson (who you may recognize from Kick-Ass) as a young John Lennon in the years before The Beatles came to be. Definitely a big leap from Kick-Ass.
Release Date: October 8

This has been getting some good buzz for both Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell. If it does get nominations, my fingers are crossed for Rockwell.
Release Date: October 15

It's Clint Eastwood, man. What more do you need to see it?
Release Date: October 22

127 Hours
Another one featuring James Franco (the other being Howl). A lot of good buzz for Danny Boyle's first movie after Slumdog Millionaire so far.
Release Date: November 5

Morning Glory
This is another movie where not many people are talking about it. Morning Glory has Rachel McAdams as a producer hired to pick up the ratings for a failing morning show, whose hosts are played by Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton. This might help Ford get his career back on track (and, if lucky, get some awards recognition).
Release Date: November 12

Love and Other Drugs
Comedy or not, I'm still seeing this. Though it does feel a little out of place in Edward Zwick's filmography (his credits include Glory, The Last Samurai and Blood Diamond), it should be interesting. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway working together again (they previously worked together in Brokeback Mountain).
Release Date: November 24

The King's Speech
Last year, Colin Firth showed us that he can be more than just the romantic lead with his impressive performance in A Single Man. Now, the Oscar buzz on him is building up again for The King's Speech. Alongside Firth are Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush and Guy Pearce.
Release Date: November 24

Black Swan
I have high hopes for Darren Aronofsky. Disturbing the hell out of everyone with Requiem for a Dream and reviving Mickey Rourke's career with The Wrestler, he shows good promise just from his short filmography.
Release Date: December 1

The Fighter
Movie based on real events featuring Mark Wahlberg as a boxer vying for a comeback? Yes, please. AND it has Christian Bale as his crack-addicted brother/trainer? Hell yeah I'm watching this.
Release Date: December 10

Impressed by Lost in Translation and with it recently winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, Sofia Coppola's Somewhere looks very appealing.
Release Date: December 22

Blue Valentine
High praises went to Blue Valentine at Sundance earlier this year. Focusing on the formation and fall of a relationship, it features Oscar nominees Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.
Release Date: December 31

So which ones are you interested for?


  1. The one i'm looking forward to in this list the most is the Fighter. And Danny Boyles new feature 127 Hours. I think both these movies are going to be brilliant.

  2. definitely wanna see Black Swan and The Town.

  3. I was lucky enough to catch a screening of "The Town" last night. I enjoyed it very much, and the crowd loved it every bit. I'll try and have my review up within a day or two.


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