Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I've only seen three of his movies, but I can safely say I'm a fan of Wes Anderson.

Although he promised his wife Felicity (Meryl Streep) that he'll stop stealing poultry, Mr. Fox (George Clooney) plans to rob three major facilities of their poultry and produce.

Along with Clooney and Streep, Fantastic Mr. Fox also features Anderson alums Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson. Much like his previous movies, this contains numerous themes found in Anderson's works. Since his last movies were rated R, it's impressive to see Anderson make a family friendly movie. And the quirky nature of his movies are appropriate for a kid's movie. Personally, I'd like to see Anderson make another animated movie some time in the near future.

My Rating: ****1/2


  1. I'm starting to wonder if there is a movie on Earth you dislike ahah ;)

  2. I absolutely loved this movie. You should go for The Royal Tenenbaums...


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