Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upcoming Blogathons

From the title you thought I'd be working on a slew of those, right? Wrong. After browsing through the interwebs for a while, I feel like doing a bit of promoting.
  • Blog Cabins is currently doing 30 Days of Crazy, focusing on movies with characters who are, well, crazy.
  • Cinema Viewfinder will have their David Cronenberg blogathon starting up in a few days (it'll go from September 6th to September 12th).
  • Moon In The Gutter has a Paul Thomas Anderson blogathon running from September 13th to September 19th.
  • And finally, Seeti Maar- Diary of a Movie Lover will be doing one on Ridley Scott going from September 20th to September 24th.
You're welcome if you needed something to do for the next three weeks. Let me know if they're any others; I'd be glad to promote those too.

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  1. Thank you very much for linking to my PTA Blogathon. I appreciate it and have added a link to your site at Moon in the Gutter. Thanks again...


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