Saturday, July 10, 2010


I was telling my cousin Caroline's boyfriend Martin (who is a movie nerd like me) last night that Paul Newman got the parts James Dean was originally signed on for before his death. He then pondered what Cool Hand Luke would've been like had Dean been alive for the part.

Then I was listening to a podcast that I like on the ride back home earlier today. One of the hosts brought up what Dr. Strangelove would've been like had John Wayne been cast in Slim Pickens' role.

Which makes me ask this question: what recasting would you like to see, regardless if the actor is dead or alive?


  1. Gross, I hate John Wayne. I had heard that Bette Davis had been interested in doing Steel Magnolias with Kate Hepburn before they went with younger actors. Just imagine the brilliance of Bette in the MacLaine role and Kate in the Olympia Dukakis role.

  2. Nathan Fillion as Cyclopse in the X-men series. He has just the right level of charisma to balance out Hugh Jackman.


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