Friday, July 30, 2010


Christopher Nolan has recently become the savior from lousy movies. But what was the movie that started his directing career? That would be the 1998 movie Following.

A struggling writer (Jeremy Theobald) starts to follow complete strangers for no particular reason. He starts following Cobb (Alex Haw), a thief who asks him to join him. Problems arise when the writer meets a tempting blonde (Lucy Russell).

It may be only 70 minutes long (that's right, 70 minutes), but Following is an interesting movie. Its story is out of sequence (much like Nolan's next movie, Memento), which gives it its appeal. But I honestly wanted it to be just a little longer. Just a little, like another half hour.

My Rating: ****1/2

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  1. Im curious about your statement that says the out of sequence editing gives the movie it's appeal. Why? Would any movie be appealing if it were told out of sequence? It's a stylistic technique but here, and with Momento it doesn't seem to add anything to the meaning of the film, which is even further evidenced by the fact that DVDs of both films feature the story told from beginning to end.


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