Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Single Man

I just want to get something off my chest: I'm a supporter for gay rights. Having said that, I don't feel uncomfortable seeing same-sex interaction in the media. And to answer your question, no, I'm not a homosexual.

English professor George Falconer (Colin Firth) is slowly recovering from the death of his lover Jim (Matthew Goode). Throughout one day, George plans a suicide. Planning out his day, he sees his close friend Charley (Julianne Moore) and student Kenny Potter (Nicholas Hoult) for a final time.

I give Tom Ford kudos for several things. One, the use of brighter colors when George sees something that pleases him. Two, the immense detail in the 1960s-era outfits. And three, for directing an absolutely beautiful yet heartbreaking movie. And the score by Abel Korzeniowski is just breathtaking.

My Rating: *****


  1. It's a terrific film. As good as Up's score is, Korzeniowski should be winning awards left and right in my opinion. And even though Firth has consistently received Best Actor nominations, it still feels as if his performance is overlooked. People are nominated it, but absolutely no one seems to actually be talking about it.

  2. Glad you dug it. Not sure if you've been listening to my podcast but Cheshire and I discussed this at length during episode four and were both rather smitten with the stunning photography of the film.

    I think I need to go back and watch it again.


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