Saturday, January 16, 2010

Which movies...

would you have want to see on the big screen? My choice is a little obvious: Star Wars. My reason? Seeing the Death Star blow up + a big screen = SCHWEET. Some movies I was lucky enough to see on the big screen, like WALL-E, The Dark Knight, Up, to name a few.

What about you?


  1. If I'm going pure theater: Jaws. Not only was it the first true wide-release film, but it scared everyone. That would have been pure fun.

    Romanticized theater: Seven Samurai or Good, Bad, and Ugly. Such amazing films I would have loved to sit back and watch their stories unfold on the big screen.

  2. Dark Knight and Avatar. Both were meant and had shots specifically done for IMAX, so I guess I'd add Speed Racer to for that reason but only if I was under the influence of some product would I see that again.

  3. I've never seen THE GREAT ESCAPE on a big screen...I reckon that'd be a pretty fun time.


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