Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Film Club

As you could tell from the title of this blog, I love both movies and books. Now when both meld into one (books about movies, movies about books), I'm sold.

When David Gilmour's son Jesse started flunking school, David gives him an offer: Jesse can drop out of school in exchange that he watches three movies a week with him of his choosing.

This is an interesting read for you cinephiles out there. It's a moving memoir, but it lacks something. I just don't know what.

My Rating: ****


  1. It's hard for me to say anything about this book, as I know Mr. Gilmour personally and have heard many of his stories. Reading his novels is like just hearing him talk. What's missing is him there, sitting right beside you in his always-black attire, shooting the breeze. You should read some of his other books.

  2. I read this a couple of years ago and I loved the concept of teaching through film. I've definitely have bonded with my daughter through film and I can't wait to show my son films that were important to me. I loved the belief he had in his son, that it was a rough patch and he'd come out okay. I really felt their bond.


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