Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christopher Nolan Blog-a-thon

Yeah, I know I just went over my plans for a Tim Burton blog-a-thon, but I want to do this as well.

With Inception becoming one of the most talked-about movies of 2010, why not honor its director, Christopher Nolan, with a blogathon? His career as a director includes:
Small filmography, yes, but impressive nonetheless. Hard to believe it was only ten years ago when he got recognzed for Memento.

The deadline is March 1 March 21 and my e-mail adress is Make sure you type 'Christopher Nolan Blogathon' for the subject so I know what it is. The actual post will be up on March 7 March 22.


  1. What's a blogathon? I assume it's different from a blog carnival right?

  2. @Castor A blogathon is a series of posts focusing on one topic. At least, that's my definition.


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