Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wait Until Dark

Audrey Hepburn is a legend. With her impeccable talent and grace, it's clear why she is a staple of Hollywood glamor.

A doll stuffed with heroin comes into the possession of blind woman Susy Hendrix (Hepburn). Three small-time crooks plot to get the doll. The result is an evening of torment.

This is probably something Hitchcock would've directed. It really keeps you on pins and needles. Henry Mancini's creepy as hell score and Alan Arkin's creepier performance don't make the viewing experience any more pleasant. The plot reminded me of The Night of the Hunter (villain's object of desire stashed away in a doll), so I can't really say that it was really original. Bear in mind that Wait Until Dark was released in 1967, the year cinema changed forever, so that explains why it still feels edgy after all these years.

My Rating: ****1/2

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  1. This is one of my favourite thrillers. I love the fact it is almost entirely filmed in the apartment and Hepburn is fantastic. The final few minutes are nerve-shredding!


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