Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Godfather Part II

Most sequels are inadequate to the original movie (Speed 2, anyone?), but one in a while the sequel is better than the original (i.e, Aliens, The Dark Knight). The Godfather Part II definitely falls into the latter.

The movie has two plots: one of them, told in flashbacks, is about Vito Corleone (Robert De Niro) and his rise in the Mafia. The main plot of the movie is Michael's (Al Pacino) rise to power in the Mafia. Although his power as a Mafia don is rising, his life is deteriorating.

Pacino gave the performance of his career in this. How he didn't win is beyond me. John Cazale was also standout with his role of Fredo. De Niro definitely earned his Oscar for his role of Vito Corleone.

Much like the first movie, The Godfather Part II has scenes that you will remember long after the credits have rolled. There are three scenes that are in my mind for all eternity:
~ The New Year's party. That scene alone pretty much summed up how Pacino got nominated. Also, that kiss he gives to Cazale gets up there with the famed kiss in the movie From Here to Eternity.
~ Kay telling Michael that she had an abortion, not a miscarriage. His reaction: he hits her face. But, in some ways, Kay delivered the bigger blow.
~ Connie trying to make Michael forgive Fredo. She tries desperately to crack Michael's cold-hearted shell, much to no avail. The scene also shows how Talia Shire, the actress who plays Connie, was nominated for her brief performance.

Francis Ford Coppola definitely managed to make a name for himself during the 1970's. He won an Oscar for writing Patton (which also, interestingly enough, had the lead actor refuse his Oscar when he won), then later Oscars for writing The Godfather, and producing, directing and writing The Godfather Part II. Not bad.

My Rating: *****

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  1. The best thing about this film is that this movie is released in 4 languages : English, Italian, Spanish and Latin. It is as good as the original...just simply the best 1-2 combo to ever come into fruition.


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