Thursday, March 29, 2012


In recent years, biopics have become more common. The problem, though, is that the quality has declined. Fortunately, there are a few whose quality has held up.

In regards with Taylor Hackford's Ray, it's one of those examples. The screen just comes alive when Ray Charles (Jamie Foxx) performs. Not many films can boast a feat like that.

Foxx portrays Charles not as a man begging for sympathy for his many flaws but as someone who accepts his flaws for what they are. Charles went through the typical musician lifestyle of drugs and infidelity, but Hackford isn't interested on those. He's more interested in the music.

I myself had never heard any of Charles' music prior to watching Ray, though I was aware of his status in the music world. Like his music, Charles was a very lively person, and Foxx captures that liveliness. Charles also wasn't a stupid person. He may have been blind, but he knew what was going on around him.

Ray has everything most biopics strive to have: good performances from all of its actors, a captivating story and, most importantly, accuracy. Foxx is fantastic as Charles, so it's no surprise on how he won. In short, a must-see.

My Rating: *****

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