Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Theory of Everything

James Marsh's The Theory of Everything is by no means a perfect film. Its many elements don't always mesh. But when they do, they make for an at least decent film.

Starring in The Theory of Everything is Eddie Redmayne. The amount of physicality required for the role is something reserved only for those capable of it. And Redmayne proves just that. He's been on the rise these last few years, and it's clear that his work here will have him in demand as a result.

Alongside Redmayne is Felicity Jones. Her performance is more subdued than her co-star's but that doesn't make her work any less impressive. It's a quiet role on her part yet what she does with it is fantastic. Jones (who was also great in the underseen The Invisible Woman) will easily become more in demand thanks to this film.

But it's not just Redmayne and Jones' performances that's worth mentioning about The Theory of Everything. There's Johann Johannsson's score, which is simple yet gorgeous. There's also Benoit Delhomme's cinematography, also simple yet gorgeous. Combine them and you got a beautiful combination.

The Theory of Everything is flawed but it's not without its moments. Thanks primarily to the performances from Redmayne and Jones, the film highlights the hardships two people went through throughout the years.

My Rating: ****

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