Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Field in England

Surrealism in film is something not frequently attempted. If it is, it's only done by those who know how to depict it. (David Lynch being the prime example.)

Ben Wheatley dabbles in surrealism with his film A Field in England. It's certainly not your standard cinematic fare, that's for sure. So what is it? To put it in a word, bizarre. (And even that's an understatement.)

It's Amy Jump's script that makes A Field in England what it is. (Not to mention her editing with Wheatley as well.) Just the sheer strangeness of it all is worthy of a mention. (Again, David Lynch would be proud.)

Also worth mentioning is the cinematography by Laurie Rose. The black-and-white imagery adds to the film's strangeness. Similar to Freddie Francis' work for The Innocents and The Elephant Man, it adds a beauty to the surrealism. A small detail but one worth mentioning.

A Field in England is a truly odd film but Wheatley makes the most of it. It's very much a film for certain tastes only though it's likely anyone would enjoy it. So if you like bizarre films similar to David Lynch's, you'll probably enjoy A Field in England.

My Rating: ****

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