Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Fly

Science fiction and horror go hand in hand frequently. Like when an experiment goes horribly wrong. Trust me, it works.

An example is David Cronenberg's The Fly. Like Videodrome, The Fly is bound to cross over into messed-up territory. And it does that exactly. The slow (and disgusting) transition from human to fly is meant to be seen than described. (Especially when his ear just falls off.)

The Fly was viewed by some upon its release as Cronenberg's take on the AIDS epidemic. In a sense it is, but I like to view it as Cronenberg's twist on The Elephant Man. By this, I mean Cronenberg shows a misunderstood and deformed being, and has us come to terms with this creature.

The Fly is infused with science fiction, horror and Cronenberg grossness, all of which work wonders. The makeup makes this version and the 1958 version appear as though they aren't even the same story. However, it's on the gross side frequently. One for the horror junkies.

My Rating: ****1/2

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  1. It's got some pretty disgusting make-up and special effects but it also has a really good story and performances to back all of the horror stuff up. Nice review.


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