Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Liebster Award

Spandan of Cinephilia has nominated me for a Liebster Award. As per the rules, I need to answer the 11 questions provided, pass it on to 11 other bloggers with 11 questions of my own. So let's get started, shall we?

1. Which is your favorite film of the 1970s? I have to choose just one? Ugh, fine. Um...probably Apocalypse Now Redux.

2. Which is your favorite adaptation of a novel? Again, just one? All right, all right. Recently Maurice holds that honor. (The book's definitely worth a look too.)

3. Which is your favorite Western? Rio Bravo, without a doubt.

4. Which film have you seen the most number of times? 50 First Dates. (Shut up.)

5. Which is the first film you have seen in a theater? Not sure precisely, but I think I remember seeing Monsters, Inc. when it was in theaters.

6. Which are the five DVDs/Blu-rays in your personal movie collection which you will never give to anyone? Oh, that's easy. My Criterion copies of Sweet Smell of Success, Bigger Than Life, The Night of the Hunter, Shallow Grave and Ace in the Hole.

7. Which is your favorite animation film? I don't usually watch them, but WALL-E has a place in my heart.

8. Which movie star you'd love to go on a dinner with? Tom Hiddleston, hands down.

9. Which is your favorite movie soundtrack? Either The Fountain or A Single Man.

10. Which is a film that you will recommend that you think not many have seen? Oh Lord, there are a lot of movies that I'll recommend to people that are severely underrated. But to choose just one, probably Local Hero.

11. Who is you favorite film critic? Roger Ebert.

Right, so who to pick, who to pick...oh! I think I got a few in mind.
  1. Rambling Film
  2. cinematic corner.
  3. Dell on Movies
  4. A Fistful of Films
  5. Movie Movie Blog Blog
  6. The Cinematic Spectacle
  7. Movies Silently
  8. Being Norma Jeane
  9. FlixChatter
  10. Such Moving Pictures
  11. Sorta That Guy
Now the fun part: questions! (I say fun. It really isn't, believe me.)
  1. Favorite TV show(s)?
  2. Last movie you saw?
  3. Book you're currently reading?
  4. Comedy or drama?
  5. Classic or contemporary?
  6. What's that one movie you always recommend to anyone who asks?
  7. You’re able to go back in time and be an extra on the set of any movie. Which one is it?
  8. Favorite foreign film?
  9. Book version or movie version: which is better?
  10. Best performance from your favorite actor/actress?
  11. Watching movies alone or watching movies with someone?
Blergh. Coming up with questions is hard. Thankfully I don't get tagged for these awards very often.


  1. You deserved it,Anna:)Congrats and sorry to put you into this ordeal:)Really enjoyed reading your answers.

    P.S:Love 50 first dates too:)

    1. Oh, I was joking. I like getting these every now and again. And thank you for nominating me. :)

  2. I very much appreciate the nomination, but with all due respect, I'd like to decline. I've been nominated for 3 of these in the past 2 months, and my blog readers are going to get very sick of me if I keep on answering them. Thanks again!

    1. Oh, that's all right. Whatever's fine with you is fine with me.

  3. Thanks for the nom, Anna!

    Oh, 50 First Dates? I haven't seen that but now I'm curious. I won't judge you as I'm obsessed with a rom-com that's trashed by critics too but I don't care :P

    I LOVE Wall•E too!

    1. It's a guilty pleasure. I watched it an absurd amount of times many years ago. (This was long before I started the blog.)

  4. Yay, Ebert! Thanks for the nom. I did one a few weeks back. I will do this one also because I have some other blogs I'd like to mention, but it probably won't be this week. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks so much for the award! I really do appreciate it. I'll try and get on this for you soon.


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