Friday, October 24, 2014


The 1980s were a stormy time throughout the world but especially in the United Kingdom. With Margaret Thatcher in power, many opposed her government's decisions and she made many enemies throughout her eleven-year reign (and up to her death last year). In a tumultuous time like the eighties, enemies are bound to be made.

One of Thatcher's enemies during this time was the National Union of Mineworkers, thanks to her government's decision to reduce the mining industry. Matthew Warchus' Pride focuses on a group of gay and lesbian activists who raise money to help the miners. Their efforts send them to a Welsh village, resulting in an unusual alliance.

Pride is one of those films that will clearly be called a crowd-pleaser. But unlike some other films that are called the same thing, Pride is actually that the whole time. From beginning to end, the film is an absolute delight. Even when the going gets rough, you're still rooting for them.

With any great British film, the cast is fantastic. The names are amongst the likes of the silver screen (Imelda Stauton, Bill Nighy, Paddy Considine), the TV screen (Dominic West, Joseph Gilgun, Andrew Scott) and all those in between. And every single one of them is great.

Pride is simply a film that everyone should see. Not just because of the quality writing and acting but also because of its depiction of people (well, most people) as open and accepting. It's also a world we should be living in rather than the hate-filled prejudicial society we live in now.

My Rating: *****

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  1. This cast looks great, hopefully I'll get a chance to see this soon. Nice review!


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