Saturday, April 26, 2014


There will always be those actors whose careers everyone assumes are a lost cause. After a whole string of box office flops and critical disasters, everyone simply agrees those actors' careers are pretty much dead and buried. That doesn't mean those actors are down for the count just yet.

Nicolas Cage frequently falls into this category. Many people assume the Oscar winner is basically a lost cause by this point. Sure, he's done a few good films within the last few years, but he's been in more misfires than hits.

Thankfully, David Gordon Green's Joe proves that Cage hasn't gone away just yet. Like his Oscar-nominated work in Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation, Joe showcases how Cage is one of those actors with a burning fire within him. It's only a matter of time before that fire is unleashed.

In a way, Joe is much like last year's Mud. (Not just because both films feature Tye Sheridan.) Both Joe and Mud feature a man with a criminal past essentially being idolized by a young boy. It also becomes quite clear that said adoration could be a costly decision. (It should also be noted that Mud is darker than Joe in some regards.)

Anyway, Joe is one of those films that lingers in your mind afterwards. Cage and Sheridan are great but special mention must go to Gary Poulter. On a different note, I should see some of Green's other films.

My Rating: *****


  1. This film was a pleasant surprise for me at TIFF last year. Really packs quite a bunch.

  2. Was really impressed by how great Cage was in this. And I agree it's very similar to Mud. I definitely like both, but Mud tops it for me.

  3. The similarities to Mud is pretty obvious, aside from Tye Sheridan's appearance (he's great in both). I like both films and in a way, it featured an actor whose performance sort of got people to take notice again. MUD was right before the McConissance I think when Matthew was doing a bunch of rom-coms. I hope Cage would continue to do quality roles like this again now, clearly he still has the chops.

    – ruth


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