Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Le Week-End

Whenever a film about a couple gets released, the couple is always in their twenties or thirties. It always revolves around the couple in the early stages of their relationship, almost always ignoring the problems they'll encounter.

This is why Roger Michell's Le Week-End is a refreshing change of pace. Rather than a couple of twenty- or thirtysomethings, the film focuses on a couple in their early sixties as they take a trip to Paris. Their marriage has been on shaky grounds lately, and this trip could either save their marriage or destroy it.

Much like last year's Before Midnight, Le Week-End examines how even if relationships last for years and years, that doesn't generally mean they'll stay happy. After all, most long-term relationships are bound to have their ups and downs. (It's certainly a far cry from those films revolving around the early stages.)

And the performances are quite good too. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan bring out both the best and worst in their characters. And Jeff Goldblum easily steals every scene he's in. They're simple performances but lasting.

Le Week-End has a few flaws here and there but is overall a solid film. (Certainly doesn't hurt that it's also written by the same person behind My Beautiful Laundrette.) And that last scene has one of the best cinematic shout-outs I've seen.

My Rating: ****

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