Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sullivan's Travels

Movies about Hollywood aren't a new thing, but each one about them adds something. Like Sullivan's Travels for example.

Director John L. Sullivan (Joel McCrea), fed up with his past cheerful productions, wants to make a movie about the common man. Being inexperienced in that field, he masquerades as a hobo to know how they live.

Even though what he wants to know is bleak, it takes a few tries before he gets off on the right foot. As he starts it up again, Sullivan meets a girl (Veronica Lake) that joins him on his journey.

Sullivan's Travels was directed by Preston Sturges, who also made The Lady Eve. Like The Lady Eve, Sturges has snappy dialogue throughout Sullivan's Travels (especially lines between McCrea and Lake). Again, even though the subject matter is bleak, Sturges is able to throw in a few screwball moments to make it all worthwhile.

My Rating: *****


  1. Veronica Lake. Oh, Veronica Lake. Love this movie and love her. Shame her career never reached the heights of some of her contemporaries.

  2. I liked how he was trying to make a movie titled O Brother Where Art Thou. I think the Coens must have been a fan of this movie.


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