Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello, Gorgeous: Actor vs. Eye Candy

There are some actors who got ahead in Hollywood for their good looks. A few managed to escape the typecast of being known as the handsome leading man by showing off their range as an actor, but they would have a few roles where they're "eye candy". Here are a few of my favorite classic leading men who were both talented and sexy.

Paul Newman
Best work as an actor: The Verdict
His work as down-on-his-luck lawyer Frank Galvin really showed Newman's talent as an actor. Some of Newman's earlier roles had skin-deep personalities, but Galvin had you sympathize for him more than once.
Best work as eye candy: Cool Hand Luke
Luke Jackson questions authority, shows off his rebellion and proves he can eats fifty eggs. Oh, and he gets shirtless and really sweaty. No failure to communicate here.

William Holden
Best work as an actor: Sunset Boulevard
Failed screenwriter Joe Gillis becomes trapped in Norma Desmond's slow descent into madness from her delusions that she's still big in Hollywood. Gillis isn't a very likable person but once we see that he's entangled in Desmond's twisted fantasies, we almost hope that he gets out unscathed.
Best work as eye candy: The Bridge on the River Kwai
When Shears is introduced, he's unshaven and unbelievably ripped. I think his abs were the main reason for why I liked Holden more in The Bridge on the River Kwai than anyone else, though I was a tad grossed out that he shaved his chest for this. Ick.

Tony Curtis
Best work as an actor: Sweet Smell of Success
Sidney Falco is one heck--oh, sorry, that should read "hack"--of a press agent. He barely cares about anyone but himself and basically his only goal in life is to be better than everyone else. A far cry from Curtis' earlier roles, don't you think?
Best work as eye candy: Spartacus
Oh, as if you don't know about that scene.

Marlon Brando
Best work as an actor: On the Waterfront
Terry Malloy never questioned how the pier he works on runs, but pangs of conscience and curiosity hits him after he unwittingly becomes a part of a longshoreman's murder. We soon witness his worming through the union underworld as Terry tries to figure out what's right.
Best work as eye candy: A Streetcar Named Desire
Clark Gable made not wearing a undershirt popular; Brando brought them back in the sexiest way ever. I mean, what do you expect if you're wearing one so tight it can practically ripped off your body if you move a certain way? Holy smokes.

Burt Lancaster
Best work as an actor: Sweet Smell of Success
Like Falco, J.J. Hunsecker only cares about himself and strives to be the best of the best. Throw in a cold personality and you've got the meanest son of a bitch you'll ever encounter.
Best work as eye candy: From Here to Eternity
I did like Lancaster's work as an actor in this, but honestly you need to watch him making out with Deborah Kerr on the beach to understand why he's better as eye candy. Hint: he's freaking RIPPED.

For those wondering, I seriously blame raging hormones for this post. But at the same time, it really doesn't matter.


  1. Some nice non-review content as of late!

  2. What, no Gregory?? :D Well if I were to supply which film he's eye candy material, it's be Duel in the Sun, Yellow Sky (shirtless Gregory!) and of course, Spellbound!


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