Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sing Street

If there's one thing that can unite people with ease, it's music. Whether it's one song or an entire genre, people use this form of expression to connect with others. (In more ways than one sometimes.)

John Carney frequently has music as the main theme (so to speak) in his films, and his latest Sing Street is no exception. (Carney being a musician prior to becoming a director definitely has something to do with that.) Much like his earlier films, there's charm amid the many original songs of Sing Street.

Set in 1985 Dublin, Sing Street chronicles the many plights that come with growing up: school, bullies, precocious crushes, things of that nature. But Carney also shows how there can be bright spots in otherwise bleak situations. (After all, haven't we all felt that way at some point when we were younger?)

On an unsurprising note, the soundtrack for Sing Street is really good. And not just the likes of Duran Duran, the Cure and Spandau Ballet. No, the original music of the film is catchy to an almost ridiculous degree. (And yes, at least one of the songs will be stuck in your head.)

Sing Street is an utter delight of a film. You'll find yourself smiling from ear to ear several times throughout, a rarity amongst today's films. It's easily one of those titles that you have to see, preferably more than once.

My Rating: *****


  1. "You'll find yourself smiling from ear to ear several times throughout"

    This couldn't be more true.

    - Zach (


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