Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Desert Island CD Blogathon

That madman Castor of Anomalous Material sent me an e-mail the other night asking this:
I'm organizing a blogathon inspired from last year's hugely popular "Desert Island DVD" (by Andy of Fandango Groover). This time, it will be a "Desert Island CD". The concept is very simple, you are stranded on a desert island with only one CD (and a CD player etc...). What are 12 tracks that you would want to have with you? While those can be pop song, instrumentals etc... we are all movie bloggers so there is one requirement that each track comes from a movie soundtrack. Of course, you should give a little blurb for each to explain why as well as try to post YouTubes if possible/necessary.
I know it's early, Castor, but I had nothing else to write today. Here are twelve of my favorite songs (and an additional eight to even things out).

"Lujon", Henry Mancini

"There Is an End", The Greenhornes

"There There", Radiohead

"I Know What I Am", Band of Skulls

"Little Green Bag", George Baker Selection

"Midnight Creeper", Lou Donaldson

"The Man with the Golden Arm", Elmer Bernstein

"The Pretender", Foo Fighters

"Take Me Out", Franz Ferdinand

"Witchy Woman", Eagles

"I'm Alright", Stereophonics
(There's a cool Stanley Kubrick tribute set to this song.)


"Folsom Prison Blues", Johnny Cash

"The Godfather - Waltz", Nino Rota

"Moonlight Sonata", Ludwig van Beethoven

"Chasing Cars", Snow Patrol

"Smooth", Santana

"Strange Brew", Cream

"So Alive", Love and Rockets
(There's a really freaky horror movie compilation set to this.)

"Between My Legs", Rufus Wainwright


  1. Damn, those are some winners right there. Much love for Folsom Prison Blues, There There, and Strange Brew. Those three would make for one kickass movie soundtrack.

  2. Love Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash at his best right there! I have to say one thing though: No love for older, golden era Hollywood music?

  3. What? An extra eight? Did you sneak a CD on the plane with you? I had to listen to a lot of Johnny Cash as a kid, now I'm glad. Nice choices.

  4. What movies are they all from?

  5. @Fletch To answer your question:

    "Lujon": heard in Two Lovers, Sexy Beast and The Big Lebowski

    "There Is an End": heard at beginning of Broken Flowers

    "Little Green Bag": heard at beginning of Reservoir Dogs

    "Rhapsody in Blue": heard in Manhattan

  6. You know your music! enjoyed listening to your list today. I liked the Eagles and Stereophonics tracks the most of the ones I didn't know.

    Another Stereophonics song from a soundtrack I recommend is from the opening credits of Greenfingers (2000), called: "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio".

    Don't forget to try my Desert island cd ( :


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