Sunday, March 6, 2011

5 Things I Like Besides Movies and Books

Having nothing else to write, I might as well bring up a few things I like. So here's a list.

If I didn't like to write, this blog wouldn't even exist. Apart from the blog, I've taken a stab at writing several short stories and a script or two.

Not really the music that's played non-stop on the radio, but more so older music. I like all genres except rap and country.

I don't know why, but learning why people commit certain crimes fascinates me. It was probably ignited after I read In Cold Blood.

Well, more so movie trivia. Like "Kate Winslet was offered to play Mal in Inception" (which is true). Some are just like "Huh?" (Al Pacino as Han Solo?), while others are like "Why didn't they go through with this?" (Tony Curtis in Breakfast at Tiffany's, anyone?). It's always entertaining.

It's more going to new places. The traveling itself is a hassle (security checks at the airport are a pain in the neck).

So what are some things you like?


  1. I often like to whip out Will Smith as Neo when I run into the need to bring up Trivia.

    Not sure when this happened, but I've become a big fan of one off TV shows. Especially if they follow a single season narrative approach (like the king you often find with Anime).

  2. Exactly the same.
    Does daydreaming count as an activity?? I do that a lot too. :P

  3. I like trivia as well, especially film related trivia!
    I like reading as well, I spend most of my day reading, writing, listening to music and watching films... in fact that's pretty much all I do.

  4. You're kind of like me. I'm Anna too and this totally applies to me as well haha


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