Monday, December 28, 2015


As we get older, we begin to realize certain things. What we've accomplished in our lives, the opportunities we've missed, the people we've known, the things we have yet to do. We're only on this earth for a short time so we must make the most of it.

Paolo Sorrentino's Youth is one of the latest films to focus on this topic. Set at a Swiss resort, it depicts those who come at a crossroads with their lives. Personal woes, professional plights...these are what they try to resolve (or at least come to terms with).

As the film wears on, it becomes clear that Federico Fellini's 8 1/2 provided some influence on Youth. Several scenes from Sorrentino's film easily parallel to those found in Fellini's film. (Thankfully not to a point where 8 1/2 is being blatantly ripped off.)

Indeed, the lead characters of Youth share of number of traits with Guido Anselmi. Despite his disinterest, composer Fred Ballinger (Michael Caine) faces pressure from the powers that be. Director Mick Boyle (Harvey Keitel) has a complicated connection with the women that have entered his life, especially frequent leading lady Brenda Morel (Jane Fonda). And actor Jimmy Tree (Paul Dano) is struggling in preparing for his next role.

Youth is good though it might reserved only for a select few. It's far from an easily accessible film but it's certainly one that'll be appreciated if viewed by an admirer of Fellini. It's not for everyone but it will be liked by a select few.

My Rating: ****

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