Monday, December 14, 2015

A Christmas Story

Ah, the holiday season. That wonderful time of year where we eat more than usual, exhaust our wallets and bank accounts, and have to deal with family more than usual. And when you manage to duck away from yet another family gathering, there's no better remedy than a movie apt for that time of year.

And what can be better than Bob Clark's A Christmas Story? After all, enduring the holidays can be draining; seeing someone else go through the same thing can be hilarious. (Schadenfreude at its finest.)

But there's more to A Christmas Story than the title implies. It's not just about Christmas; it's also about the innocence of childhood, how everything seemed possible. Including getting that one present for Christmas that you practically begged for.

The film also shows the innocence of a time passed, how parents let their kids run free without a second thought. Of course now that's not something that would happen on a regular basis but it shows how safe everyone felt during that time in history. Of course this was before the world was once again plunged into chaos...

A Christmas Story is a delight to watch whether by yourself or with a group of people. Though it does show its age in spots, that doesn't hinder its quality too much. Not to mention it's unbelievably quotable. ("You'll shoot your eye out, kid!")

My Rating: ****

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