Thursday, July 7, 2011

Victor Victoria

In a sense, Blake Edwards is a little similar to Billy Wilder. They both ventured into identical themes, particularly alcoholism (Wilder The Lost Weekend, Edwards Days of Wine and Roses) and cross-dressing (Wilder Some Like It Hot, Edwards Victor Victoria). The main difference? Edwards' films didn't have the same zest as Wilder's.

We all know that Julie Andrews can belt a tune. And from Victor Victoria, we also learn that she has wonderful comedic timing. She may not be very convincing as a man appearance wise but when it comes to singing, there's no contest.

The three major supporting actors caught my eye. James Garner has the right mixture of charm and humor. Robert Preston cracked me up with his character's flamboyant nature, as noted in the final scene. Lesley Ann Warren felt, to me, like a dumb blonde a la Marilyn Monroe with a Judy Holliday-like voice, and it works.

Oh my God, you can tell that this is a Blake Edwards movie just from the jokes in it. But you have to admit that Victor Victoria is funny as hell. Not as funny as Some Like It Hot, but very close to.

My Rating: *****


  1. I loved this film! We watched a whole course of Blake Edwards films for uni last year, this was in my top two! True that Julie Andrews looks nothing like a man, but like you say, it all works!
    Have you seen S.O.B. ? Another great Julie Andrews/Blake Edwards film! And Robert Preston is another great supporting character, I wish there could have been more of him!

  2. This sounds very interesting.

    Great review Anna.

  3. Sometimes we watch the same movies at the same time.


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