Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm on vacation down here in Cape Cod for the next two weeks or so, depending how things pan out. It's all right, but the lack of internet service where I'm staying nearly gets me in a Jack Torrance kind of mood. Okay, maybe not that far but I get kind of twitchy. Anyway, I'll try to keep the site up to date.

What are some memorable vacations of yours, good or bad?

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  1. Good: My first trip to NYC with Lady Hatter (second time in the city, but first time with her). Two ballgames, two broadway shows, hundreds and hundreds of photos, all-in-all a great week spent in Gotham.

    Bad: A week in the Virgin Islands with a girl I knew that was a penpal and her family. It started with a realization that we weren't as close friends as we thought, continued with an argument over privacy, and ended with a hurricane.


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