Friday, July 15, 2011


Apologies if I've been asking a lot of questions these last few days. This writer's block is murder.

Anyway, onto the question. When it comes to deciding on what movie to watch, what do you turn to? Do you head to a major film review site (ie, Rotten Tomatoes) or to a smaller movie blog?


  1. Both. I try making lists, though.

    I've created my own mini film festival for the next 10 days with 17 films

    - The Apartment
    - Double Indemnity

    - The Killing
    - Dr. Strangelove

    - The 400 Blows
    - I Saw the Devil
    - 13 Assassins

    - Magnolia
    - There Will Be Blood

    - Captain America
    - Friends with Benefits

    - The Breakfast Club
    - The Company Men
    - Bad Lieutenant

    - The Third Man
    - Dial "M" For Murder

    It's fun to do things like that ... at least for me.

  2. There are certain writers whose opinions I trust & seek out on their blogs, as well as at the major sites many write for. And now with Twitter, word of mouth for cinema in general takes on a much more chaotic, but democratic form. Anyone can offer a take on a classic/new release & influence your desire to see that movie. Ultimately, the film itself must feel sincere. If there's too much hype, it almost always lets me down (a BIG exception was 'The Dark Knight'). The net helps a lot AND also feels a bit overwhelming when everyone is a critic!

  3. I just go down to the video store and always make sure I choose something I haven't seen. I'm usually not fussed about what I pick to watch, as long as it doesn't have Adam Sandler in it... or, for that matter, Katherine Heigl.. ugh.

  4. Usually I decide based on either the plot or the talent involved (e.g. director, etc.). This makes up about 85% of my decision making.

    Having said that, there are some major critics I will listen to (such as Peter Howell, A.O. Scott, Ebert, etc.) as well as my fellow bloggers to provide better insight on whether or not a film is worth seeing. Rotten Tomatoes is great if you want a quick consensus without having to read the specific reviews.

  5. I usually turn to the actors and look up for interviews by them, coz there I find names of movies which may not be best rated but that's where they actually turn up answering about their work and which they felt was amazing or experiences that brought something special.

  6. I ask myself, all-knowing entity that I am ;)

  7. I rewatch Paul Haggis' Crash. And you should too! One of the best Best Pic winners EVER!!!

  8. I am young and disillusioned with modern Hollywood, so what I've been doing is working my way through must-see classics lists. Being a little short on years, I'm still fairly far behind other movie-watchers when it comes to the essentials. For example, I watched both Star Wars and Citizen Kane for the first time ever this month.

    I've been relying on a 1000 movies list created by the website "They Shoot Pictures, Don't They?", as well as the AFI Top 100 lists. When I feel overwhelmed by all these amazing films I run down to the library and try to pick out obscure and unknown films that I feel interested in, but of course usually end up with something from the Criterion Collection, foreign or otherwise.

    When it comes to modern films I tread VERY, VERY carefully. I usually only see new movies if they credit at least two people I respect, be it actor, director, etc... these include Matt Damon, Marillon Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Ken Watanabe and so on.

    I know I should be more open-minded about new cinema, and I do try to go out for indie films, especially when the local film festival rolls around.

    But I'll be damned if you don't agree that the classics rule all.

    PS, hi, I'm jeanniex, I'm now stepping out of lurker mode.


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