Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sidney Lumet: 1924-2011

The acclaimed director of such classics as 12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon and Network, died this morning from lymphoma. He was 86.
~June 25, 1924 - April 9, 2011~


  1. So sad to hear we've lost Sidney Lumet. A great filmmaker - saw his "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" not that long ago. What an amazingly long and rich career he had.

  2. That's really sad, I didn't even realise until reading this post.
    He was one of my favourites.

    btw, today is the 9th not the 12th...

  3. What a great legend! It's sad to see him go, but the legacy he will be leaving behind is absolutely enormous I must say.

  4. Definitely a legend. Has many great classics on his resume.

    12 Angry Men is still one of my favorites of all-time (and definitely my favorite courtroom drama). The Verdict is another great courtroom drama. And of course can't forget things like Dog Day Afternoon, Network and Serpico.

    He'll truly be missed.


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