Thursday, April 21, 2011

For Your Consideration

Okay, so if you're a member of LAMB you know that the LAMMY voting process is underway. And if you're a member, a FYC ad is kind of a requirement if you have any hopes for winning anything. So enough rambling and onto the self-promoting. Vote for me in the following categories:
(Psst, if you do, I'll give you $20.)


  1. That's so modest of you. How about Best New Lamb, Classic Blog and Blog???

  2. @Lesya Simple: 1) I'm ineligible for New LAMB (I was last year; didn't win), 2) I do cover recent releases as well, and 3) I know I'm not going to win that anyway.

  3. I was just going to say the same thing about Classic Blog. Even if you do review new stuff, you've got plenty of classics too!

  4. I thought you were a new lamb. Whatever.
    Even though you review new releases, it still appears to me that your main target is classic cinema. However, it's your choice :)

  5. I went ahead and nominated you for Classic Blog (as well as Blog Name). I know you mention you do recent stuff as well but as far as I've seen, most of the others that cover classic do some recent stuff as well. But there's definitely a focus on some classic here, so I think that makes you elgible.


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