Sunday, December 20, 2009

Twitter Conversation #4

It's that time again. Had another movie-based conversation on Friday at Twitter. Conversationists are Ryan from A Life in Equinox, Josh from I Are Movies, Julian from Movies and Other Things... and Danny from The King Bulletin. Started with something I pointed out that I've been doing:

MovieNut14: Weird. For the past three Fridays, I've watched a Clint Eastwood movie (Mystic River, Invictus, Million Dollar Baby).
isavedlatin89 (Josh): @MovieNut14 And that is why you are awesome.
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 LOL, thanks. I think I'm trying not to become a pariah on the Internet. Unlike @thekingbulletin who hasn't seen Casablanca.
202chicago (Julian): I haven't seen the classic film either :(
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 WHAT?! Is that true?!
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 BTW, don't expect this to be a running trend. There are a number of other movies I want to see. Tomorrow it's 8 1/2.
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Score! I love 8 1/2...One of the ten best favorite films ever made, imho
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Need to see 8 1/2... Totally stoked for when Nine comes out!!!
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 Sadly, yes. Along with The Wizard of Oz, and I few others I can't recall.
MovieNut14: @202chicago I saw Casablanca this summer.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 You've never seen The Wizard of Oz? It's a classic...
MovieNut14: @202chicago I'm seeing 8 1/2 in prep for Nine since I heard it's based off the Fellini movie.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I'm really excited for whatever time I end up seeing Casablanca...
202chicago: @MovieNut14 About Nine - that's what I hear. I can play it on computer LEGALLY thru Netflix. Probably gonna do that tomorrow after work
202chicago: @MovieNut14 BTW was talking about 8 1/2 with the Netflix. Obviously not Nine lol
MovieNut14: @202chicago I saw it a lot when I was younger. Probably need to revisit. As for Casablanca, try to watch it during Christmas.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Might beforehand. Going on vacay for Christmas and New Year's
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Sadly, I might not be blogging during that time :;(
MovieNut14: @202chicago Reviews for Nine aren't looking so hot; 49% at @RottenTomatoes, an improvement from yesterday's 34%.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I know it's getting panned, but for me the reviews don't really matter when it comes to Nine lol.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I'm a huge fan of musicals, so I'll probably end up giving it a 9.5/10 or 10/10 rating lol
MovieNut14: @202chicago BTW what I was saying about Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz, those are 2 movies @thekingbulletin has yet to see.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Oh. Okay. Gotcha.
MovieNut14: @202chicago Well, another theory for the semi-crappy reviews is that it's in limited release.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago @MovieNut14 You all need to hop on those classics ;) JK...I only saw 8 1/2 a few years ago...I've never seen The Searchers...
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I could see that. Many people thought that Hudson was bad. And many are saying DDL was miscast, something I thought was impossible
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Saw before I developed my love for film... and I don't really remember much about it
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 Hey, watch it man. I've seen more classics this year than I have ever. BTW, haven't seen any of the Scorsese/ De Niro films.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Yeah, and I'm a big Western guy...just never got around to it I guess
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 *jaw drops* Those you really need to get on. At least the staples Casino/Goodfellas/Cape Fear...
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I noticed that you directed that to @isavedlatin89 but you talkin to me? Are you talkin to ME? Sorry. Couldn't resist that one ;)
Univarn (Ryan): @isavedlatin89 you're forgetting Taxi Driver. That's the real staple, the rest are just modern essentials.
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Oooh Casino... never saw all of it, but loved what i did see of it.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago @MovieNut14 YES! Forgot Taxi Driver (Scorsese's best IMHO)
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Better than The Departed... no comments beyond that unless I'm asked for one ;)
isavedlatin89: @202chicago @MovieNut14 Oh shit, Raging Bull too...Damn...those two need to get back together NOW
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Yes. Absolutely.
isavedlatin89: @Univarn I know! I agree 100%
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 @202chicago @Univarn I HAVE seen two Scorsese and two De Niro movies this year, just different movies.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Yeah, Casino isn't Goodfellas, but it's a great film indeed
MovieNut14: Great, jump dropped a bombshell.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Uh, yeah, Taxi Driver kills Departed...The Departed isn't even the best version of that story (Infernal Affairs trumps it)
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I was just kidding btw lol. But yeah. Scorsese + De Niro = Magic. I can just tell you that only from one film and clips from another
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Infernal Affairs... so that's the film it's based off of! Hmm... will check out sometime soon
Univarn: @isavedaltin89 Joe Pesci's character makes Casino fun.
MovieNut14: @isavedltin89 @202chicago @Univarn One reason I haven't seen a Scorsese/De Niro film yet is because my folks would FLIP OUT if they knew.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Yeah, it's much more compact and economic of a film. I found the Departed a little long in the tooth...did like it a lot though
isavedlatin89: @Univarn Couldn't agree more
Univarn: @isavedlatin89 @202chicago @MovieNut14 for the longest time I would always watch those sort of movies when they went to sleep
thekingbulletin (Danny): @MovieNut14 Please don't be mad at me!
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 It's not that we flip out, it's that we are passionate about it, in hopes of getting you to see it. At least that's my idea
Univarn: @202chicago just be careful you get the chinese one which it's actually based off, not the Richard Gere one with the same name.
MovieNut14: @thekingbulletin I'm not mad at you. @isavedlatin89, @202chicago & @Univarn are now mad at ME for not seeing a Scorsese/De Niro movie.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 @isavedlatin89 @Univarn I used to so the same thing. Now they just don't care
202chicago: @MovieNut14 I'm not mad LOL
Univarn: @MovieNut14 I'd only be mad if you said you didn't want to see them :P. you not seeing them doesn't upset me........much :P jk
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Yeah, I'm not mad at you. I just really want you to see them, that's all. I'm a passionate person with film...that's all
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 No no no. I mean my parents would KILL me if they found out I saw a movie "not age-appropriate".
202chicago: @Univarn @MovieNut14 @isavedlatin89 Since we're already having a Twittersation, does anyone love the songs form Nine as much as I do?
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Parents used to be the same way. Ask them to watch one with you that you know isn't filled with content...
Univarn: @202chicago I've only heard the one, cinema italiano (or whatever) and wasn't that all impressed. I'll mostly be seeing it for Lewis & Cruz
202chicago: @MovieNut14 ... then they might not care. Worked for me ;)
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 OHHHHHH, I see what you mean. I TOTALLY understand...that sucks!
isavedlatin89: @202chicago @MovieNut14 @Univarn No, because I love them more.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 start them off with a warmer. An R film that isn't so violent (like Speed) and work your way up until they just don't care :)
202chicago: @Univarn Cruz's song is INCREDIBLE. That girl has killer pipes! As is the new one written for Cotillard called "Take It All"
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Oh wow. Guess you plan on seeing it soon? Or is it part of your glorious Christmas day marathon?
isavedlatin89: @202chicago @MovieNut14 I see you two are using the web to tweet, I would really recommend you guys getting TweetDeck to make life easier
Univarn: @isavedlatin89 I keep telling myself to download it, but I'm lazy :)
MovieNut14: @202chicago @isavedlatin89 Sheesh, they got two other to worry about. One's in college, the other starting high school. (eye roll)
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Downloading now and seeing how it works
isavedlatin89: @Univarn It is SO convenient...wouldn't know what to do without it
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Oh... hmm. That makes things complicated
isavedlatin89: @202chicago It's the start of my marathon lol
Univarn: @MovieNut14 haha my sister started college this year so all the years of my parents worrying about me at school went away in a hurry
MovieNut14: @Univarn I've BEEN doing that. I've sunk down to seeking them movies past them.
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Nice!
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Hahaha, I totally understand where you are coming from on that one
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Awesome. Your life won
isavedlaitn89: @202chicago *Awesome, your life won't be the same
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 LOL yeah... checking it now...
Univarn: @isavedltin89 @202chicago @MovieNut14 well I have to jet, lots of shopping to do tomorrow. good night everyone. Happy movie hunting!
MovieNut14: @Univarn @isavedlatin89 @202chicago This makes me REALLY look foward to college.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 It's the best lol
202chicago: @Univarn Aight. Tweet ya later!
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Hahaha, as you should be! Great, great experience
202chicago: @MovieNut14 @isavedlatin89 Definitely better than high school. More work for sure, but it's all at the last minute lol
MovieNut14: @202chicago @isavedlatin89 @Univarn This conversation's getting good, but I'm beat. 'Night. Expect this convo on my blog.
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Awesome. Have a great night!
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Aight tweet ya later!
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 Phew! I think we can call it even because I'm a big fan of the Scorsese / De Niro relationship.

As a footnote, I added something the next morning:

MovieNut14: Fine. In order to make @isavedlatin89, @202chicago, @Univarn @thekingbulletin to like me again, I'll make Raging Bull my 1st movie of 2010.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 we'll always like you :P. Just throw in Scorsese/DeNiro into your new years resolution :)
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 awesome. I love that movie, could be my favorite collaboration of theirs.

I still find it amazing that one comment leads to an entire conversation.

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