Monday, December 21, 2009

My view on the Oscars

I know the nominations aren't announced until February 2, but everyone is talking about potential nominees and all that stuff. One thing that had a lot of people talking then but not so much now is the ten Best Picture nominees. As for myself had they done this last year, I'd be happy.

Anyway before I go on a rant, I'll cut to the chase. One suggestion I have is to double the acting categories. That way you won't have people going, "Oh, he should've been nominated instead of him" or "Why wasn't she nominated?" It's getting really freakin' old, people! They're not gonna change the nominations if you keep bitching about it!

*cough* Sorry, that happens now and then. I'm suggesting this because I noticed that a lot of people were upset that Angelina Jolie wasn't nominated for an Oscar for A Mighty Heart. Same goes for Robert Shaw for Jaws (just throwing that one out there).

My point is that AMPAS should listen to who the viewers want nominated, not who they want nominated.


  1. I hate to say it but I really disagree with your recommendations. Not your points though.

    "My point is that AMPAS should listen to who the viewers want nominated, not who they want nominated." - This will lead to Shia Lebouf and Transformers 2 being nominated, Disney movies winning every oscar. That's what the People's Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards are for.

    Every year there's always going to be a "oh I can't believe they did/didn't nominate ________." Without it there'd be no use in predictions, judging, since everyone would know everything going in. Even if you go to 10 there'll be an 11th that nobody can believe you didn't let in.

    I think what they need to do is reorganize the process by which viewers get to see movies, but even then it's impossible to remove public and personal bias (especially since there's several thousand voters).

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again - I am not a massive Oscar fan. By expanding the Best Film out to ten if anything they've made me care even less. The whole point of awards is that you have to narrow down a group of excellent options to some nominations and then one favourite. This year 9 films can all stick out a great DVD with 'Oscar Nominated' on the front. Does that really mean as much as it used to now? Anything at all? Won't there be a few 'fillers' in there?

    I do agree with Univarn's point. Unfortunately, as Bill Murray tells us in Groundhog Day; 'people like blood sausage too, people are morons'.


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