Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twitter Conversation #3

Had yet another conversation on Twitter on Thursday night (boy, this is becoming a running theme). The other Tweeters people involved were Julian from Movies and Other Things..., Danny from The King Bulletin, John from John Likes Movies (though that was brief), Ryan from A Life in Equinox and Josh from I Are Movies. This time it started with me planning to watch a few of Clint Eastwood's movies in preparation for the release of Invictus next week:

MovieNut14 (me): Plan to see Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby in preparation for the release of Invictus next week.
202chicago (Julian): @MovieNut14 M$B is great. Haven't seen Mystic River
thekingbulletin (Danny): @MovieNut14 Both are masterpieces in my opinion.
202chicago: @thekingbulletin Is Mystic better than M$B???
thekingbulletin: @202chicago Such a tough call. I would go with Million Dollar Baby by a slim margin. Have you seen either of them?
202chicago: @thekingbulletin M$B. Loved it, but Eastwood is SOO traditional
johnlgilpatrick (John): Right next to each other on my best of 00's list with Mystic on top RT @202chicago: @thekingbulletin Is Mystic better than M$B???
thekingbulletin: @202chicago I have a feeling you'd feel differently about Mystic. But I get what your saying about 'Baby'. Old school feel to it.
202chicago: @thekingbulletin Well, I got the same vibe watching Changeling and Gran Torino...
thekingbulletin: @202chicago I thought the difference was the fact he acted Baby and Torino. Tough to compare Changeling b/c it's a period piece.
MovieNut14: @202chicago In regards to what you said to @tastekid. Sofia Coppola is actually Francis' daughter, not niece.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 really? wow. I'll def remember that this time. You watch either of the Clint films yet?
202chicago: @MovieNut14 *next time, not this time haha
MovieNut14: @202chicago @thekingbulletin Have you two seen movies where Eastwood's only the actor?
Univarn (Ryan): @MovieNut14 :o
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 Off the top of my head...Dirty Harry.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Can't honestly say I have
Univarn: @202chicago go watch The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly right now. my #2 all time film, and it's in that spot by 10 miles could easily be #1
202chicago: @Univarn Will do. Also look forward to checking out your podcast when I can
MovieNut14: @202chicago Saving those for the weekend actually. School and stuff, y'know?
isavedlatin89 (Josh): @MovieNut14 Dirty Harry and All the Man With No Name films
Univarn: @202chicago thanks. I could probably spend a month talking about Eastwood acting only roles. Start with the Leone trilogy and go from there.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 @Univarn Oh wait. I saw that film he did with John Malkovich and Rene Russo in the 1990s, albeit on the television set
Univarn: @202chicago In the Line of Fire.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago All his Westerns, minus Unforgiven
thekingbulletin: @202chicago In the Line of Fire...That's a great film. Malkovich gives an unbelieveable performance.
MovieNut14: @202chicago @thekingbulletin @Univarn @isavedlatin89 I'll admit that I, uh, *cough* haven't seen any of his films yet. :P
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Is that your recommendation? Or the films you've seen starring him that he didn't direct?
202chicago: Agreed. I barely recognized the guy! Rene was... what's your opinion of her? Is she any good? I don't remember haha
Univarn: @MovieNut14 for shame!!!!!
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 The ones he's acted in and not directed are older, so I don't blame you.
Univarn: @MovieNut14 I think I have about 8 in my own collection :x
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Well, both. He's a fantastic Western actor, and I believe outside of Unforgiven, he hasn't directed any
thekingbulletin: @202chicago Not a very tough role, but I thought she did a fine job.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Don't let AMPAS members know. They'll show up at your door with pitchforks and torches demanding your life as a consequence lol
MovieNut14: @Univarn Hey, don't blame me! I barely have any time to watch a movie.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Not that it's related, but how'd you get your profile background (the AIDS red thing)???
MovieNut14: @202chicago Well, either that or they'll throw copies of his movies at me.
MovieNut14: @202chicago Under Settings -> Design -> last choice on the list.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 The latter, once you get past the bruising of the hard plastic DVD cases, isn't a much better opinion lol
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Thank you :) #red
MovieNut14: @202chicago Hence why I'm planning to watch two of his movies this weekend.
202chicago: @MovieNut14 That should calm the AMPAS members anger some... M$B is fantastic btw. Hilary Swank was phenomenal
MovieNut14: It's amazing how 1 comment leads to an entire conversation ie the one I'm having w/ @202chicago @thekingbulletin @Univarn & @isavedlatin89
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Hahaha, it's the joys of twitter lol
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 I came in late so I don't know where you guys are at...whats the topic?
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 The general topic is Clint Eastwood, but I think it's almost as lost as the convo we had earlier with @thekingbulletin haha
MovieNut14: @isavedlatin89 Yeah and it started with me stating I'm going to watch Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby in prep for Invictus.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago Haha, nice. Well, he's a brilliant actor, but not truly that amazing of a director...nothing great since Unforgiven...
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Yeah, I should probably do that too. I actually have never seen Mystic River *GASPS*
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 And I love the fact that those two films are very different from Invictus.
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Agreed. I've seen three of his films (all 2000s films btw), and I thought he did good, but not THAT good...
202chicago: @isavedlatin89 Loved Million Dollar Baby, but it wasn't because he had such a handle on the material lol
MovieNut14: You guys (@202chicago @isavedlatin89 ) can continue the conversation. I gotta go to bed. 'Night.
isavedlatin89: @202chicago He has as much directorial subtlety as Paul Haggis does writing
isavedlatin89: @MovieNut14 Good night yo!
202chicago: @MovieNut14 Aite. Tweet ya later

As an update, I did watch Mystic River on Friday but not without a few road bumps along the way:

MovieNut14: Okay, change of plan. My library didn't have Million Dollar Baby in, so it's just Mystic River.
MovieNut14: My library also has Unforgiven, but that was out too.

A few hours later:

MovieNut14: Just saw Mystic River. Stunning Clint Eastwood movie with great performances from Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. No surprise they got Oscars.
thekingbulletin: @MovieNut14 Glad you liked it. Penn's best performance to date.

One thing to say about all of this typing: OWWWW.

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