Sunday, April 8, 2012

Velvet Goldmine

Todd Haynes' Velvet Goldmine is a but surreal. It describes itself as a portrait of a pop star's rise to fame. In reality, it's a portrait of a whole era.

Intersecting between 1970's London and 1984 New York City, the film shows how distinct and different the two time periods are. London was full of vibrant colors, New York City full of dull shades. Safe to say which era and locale was the most ideal.

The main subject of Velvet Goldmine is Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), a musician who is a clear homage to David Bowie. He rises to the top of the music world fast, but his fall is just as quick. He strives to stand out in a constantly changing society.

Part of the film zeroes in on Curt Wild (Ewan McGregor), a fellow musician in a similar vein to Iggy Pop. When Brian first sees Curt perform, he is hypnotized. Not just by the wild antics Curt does on stage, but also by the music. That's the sound he wants.

Velvet Goldmine is amusing even though it gets manic frequently. The music is good, so is the acting. The Citizen Kane references are a nice touch, but they don't make up for a slightly disorganized film.

My Rating: ****

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  1. I love this film, the sountrack is one of my all time favorites.


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