Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ride with the Devil

The Civil War isn't the most filmed war by Hollywood's standards (that honor goes to World War II, Vietnam War a close second) but when it is, the films are usually well regarded.

That most definitely isn't the case with Ang Lee's Ride with the Devil. Perhaps the Taiwanese director wasn't too familiar with a crux in American history, which seems like the possible explanation for the bad pacing and even worse script.

This is no exaggeration; this is a very flawed film. The only redeeming qualities of it are the score and the fact it's thankfully not a 3-hour long epic (though it feels an hour too long by itself). Seriously, those are the only good things (and what prevented me from giving it a lower rating).

There's a reason for Glory is pretty much the quintessential Civil War film. It's actually good. Lee tries too much to surpass let alone match the success Edward Zwick got back in 1989. Maybe if he didn't so hard, he would have ended up with an adequate film.

Instead, Lee is stuck with a blemish on his otherwise impressive resume. (Well, this and Hulk.) Everything about Ride with the Devil feels forced. Personally this is something to avoid unless you need something to help you sleep.

My Rating: ***

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  1. I didn't like this movie at all, I never... never, turn movies off halfway through, but I thought this was boring as all hell. I finished it a few days later, but that didn't do too much good for me. Probably my least favorite Lee film. (sigh) oh well.


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