Sunday, April 14, 2013

Layer Cake

There's a certain distinction between American films and British films. American films seem more driven by their stars. British films seem more focused on the stories. (At least that's from my perspective.)

And certain genres are different on each side of the pond too. Take for instance the crime genre. American films tend to have more bloodshed. British films are more slick. (They have just as much bloodshed but depending on the director, it's usually toned down.) The criminals in the latter films have more style. (Again, that's just from my perspective.)

One such film that displays that trait is Matthew Vaughn's Layer Cake. Straying away from most crime film cliches, the film focuses more on the business side of drug dealing. Sounds dull, but Vaughn makes it really interesting.

The cast is pretty awesome. The names range from established actors to future stars. It should come as no surprise that Daniel Craig totally owns this film. (Also no surprise that it was this film that convinced producers to hire Craig as James Bond.)

It strays from the plot every now and again, but Layer Cake is an amusing watch. It felt like a Guy Ritchie film at times (which is ironic/fitting since he was attached to direct this at one point), so that says a bit right there. I've a feeling I'll be watching this whenever I'm in a certain mood.

My Rating: ****


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