Saturday, August 13, 2011

Open Thread

What's on your mind? Anything happening this weekend?

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  1. So, taking a stab at nothingness! Feels pretty good. politics suck, economy sucks more so nothingness is a huge improvement.

    Currently watching Showtime series THE BORGIAS, highly recommended by friends. Not bad into the fourth episode. basically about reoigious organized crime! Sex, murder and betrayal - missing only the Rock and Roll! Those ultra religious types never cease to astonish! BUT, ready for some classic fair after this. Nothing like the classics to put things in perspective - our greatest art form - style, grace and talent. long live the golden age - the best of us converged on screens across the country!

    OK - nothingness was fun. Made no significant statement or a difference to anyone's life - but enjoying posting on all these fab sites!



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