Sunday, August 21, 2011

Liebster Award

Thanks to Meredith at Forever Classics, I now have something to get me out of this writer's funk.

Reportedly, liebster means "beloved" in German. Must be a popular meme floating around in Germany then.

Rules are simple: link back to the blog(s) that tagged you (check), and pass along to five blogs that have under 300 followers. Here are my five.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion - though Wordpress, not that I know of, has a "follower" feature.

    I reckon most sites fall under the "300" standard.

  2. I don't know many blogs that have 300 followers, I only have 24 ;), but that's probably because my blog is more niche-y concerning film.

    German words seem to be popular in the English language at the time, many magazines use the syllable "über" like "übercool" or something like that, but actually here in Germany we never say "über" except when it means "over", like really above something ;).


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