Saturday, June 11, 2011

What inspires you?

More so for writing. For me, it's either good music or the help from other bloggers.

So what about you?


  1. For me it's more having sort of an inner monologue, just stop for a moment, and think. Staying away from the internet, haha. Sometimes reading also helps, like a book or an article.

  2. Nothing inspires me quite like a deadline, even a self-imposed one. I tend to get a lot of posts done on Friday afternoon. Could be the lawyer in me -- my most common recurring nightmare is missing a filing deadline in a case.

    The more positive inspiration is taking my dog for a long walk. I never take music or the phone or anything, I just observe the world and think. Come up with an awful lot of stuff that way.

  3. Oddly enough, this kind of links into this crazy amount of reading I have done in the past few weeks where I have read more books than I have in, well, years. Particularly now that I don't have nowhere near as much time as I used too.

    So for now, I guess it has to be reading. I ended up writing pages and pages of writing that I actually liked on the train the other day, and since I haven't written (fictional, personal stuff) recently, I was pretty amazed that I even managed to put pen-to-paper.

    It'd be a bit too easy to say film, but come to think of it, as reading has wormed it's way more into my day-to-day life, films have been watched far less...this will have to change. But it is good to have a break from one art medium for a while, though.


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