Friday, June 17, 2011


When Inception was released last year, most people were introduced to Tom Hardy, who was definitely a scene stealer in that movie. But he had been in movies for several years prior to Inception.

In Bronson, Hardy shows an explosive side to his acting. His work in Inception is a more controlled performance. Bronson, however, is an out of control, balls to the wall kind of performance. Not that I'm complaining.

I saw some reviews comparing Bronson to A Clockwork Orange. After viewing Bronson and pondering it over, I can't really picture it. I mean, A Clockwork Orange has Alex appalled at the mere thought of violence after his incarceration; Bronson has Charlie more raring to go to fight after being in prison. I fail to see any comparison.

In comparison to Hunger as an example, Bronson is the better film for its pace is faster. But alas, the abundance of violence in Bronson left me feeling distant from it. I can't stress how much I dislike gratuitous violence in movies. That aside, however, I did like the movie.

My Rating: *****

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