Friday, September 25, 2015


There's something decidedly more reassuring when a film stars someone who's been in the business for decades. Granted, stars of the 1970s don't often make as big of a splash once they're in their seventies but there are a few names from that time in Hollywood have managed to maintain a somewhat steady career since then.

One such name is Lily Tomlin. Since her big break in Nashville, she's had a considerably solid career. Some might say her peak was during the 1980s but she has steadily been working since then (even reuniting with Robert Altman a few times over the years). But her work couldn't compare to what she did in Nashville.

That is until Paul Weitz's Grandma. With this film, Tomlin proves she's just as good as she was forty years ago. (It also proves that good roles for women of a certain age are out there if writers are willing to write them.) Not that often you see the role of an older woman and it isn't reduced to a flimsy supporting role.

Grandma is clearly Tomlin's show but all of its actors are worthy of a mention. Weitz provides well-rounded roles for all of his actors, even those with only one scene. Of the many supporting actors, Sam Elliott stands out the most.

Grandma is easily one of the year's best. It's well-scripted, well-acted and just damn good. And it's possibly safe to say that these last few months have been pretty good movie-wise for actors in (or approaching) their seventies. (See also I'll See You in My Dreams, Mr. Holmes and Ricki and the Flash.) This needs to be more common.

My Rating: *****


  1. I can't wait to see this. Tomlin is an actress I'm excited to see finally back in the conversation!

    1. I think it's safe to say her name will get thrown around here and there during awards season.


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