Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ten: Most Iconic Movie Characters

Ooh, another relay race from My Filmviews. Candice over at Reel Talk passed the baton over to me and I figured I'll give it a shot. The rules are as followed:
A list of 10 iconic movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think it should not be on the list) and replace it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned, that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger. After you have posted your update leave the link in the comments here and I will make sure it gets added to the overview post.
Now let's see who's made the list so far, shall we? (It starts after the jump.)

Rocky Balboa
James Bond
Ellen Ripley
Michael Myers
Dorothy Gale
Indiana Jones
Darth Vader
Mary Poppins

Who I'm Taking Off

Sorry, Candice. I'm taking off your nomination. Now I haven't seen Clueless (yet), but I don't think Cher Horowitz has the same iconic status as any of the other characters (or whom I'm putting on the list). Again, I apologize to anyone who objects to my decision, but I stand by it.

Who I'm Adding
Seriously? You guys have made this relay race gone this far without adding this character to the list? Honestly? What kind of film lovers are you guys? *ahem* Sorry, rant's done.

Who am I talking about?

Why, Han Solo, of course.

I mean, come on. What guy hasn't wanted to be him (and what woman hasn't wanted to be with him)? Seriously, he's one of the coolest guys Hollywood has ever seen. (Also, doesn't it look nice that there are two characters from the same movie and two characters played by the same actor on the list now?)

Right, so who to pass the baton onto...oh! I think I'll pass it onto Stevee over at Cinematic Paradox. I'm sure she'll come up with a cool entry.

Oh, and here's a list of who else besides me has participated:


  1. GAH!!!! I am always surprised when soeone says they haven't seen Clueles!!! lol, lemme calm down for a sec. i haven't seen star wars or indiana jones, so there.

    1. Uh-oh. I think I just made an enemy. I'll be sure to see it in the near future.

  2. LOL, Solo was the first one I thought of adding when it was my turn...but THREE Star Wars characters just felt like overkill. How funny would it be if C3PO and Obi Wan get added before the end. LOL, everyone is iconic except the star!

    1. I have the sneaking suspicion that R2-D2 might get thrown into the mix. But who knows?

  3. Yeah, definitely a fair swap here. I mean, as if.

    1. It makes sense to be honest. All of the other entries are from movies that had time to become popular. Clueless seemed too new to be added.

  4. I kept out a couple of Star Wars characters on purpose and guessed some would be added :)

    Thanks for participating. Looking forward to the next entry!


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