Sunday, September 4, 2011

College, hear I come!

Today I'm heading up to Massachusetts to begin my first year of college (!!!) and I'm both excited and nervous. Anyway, because of the first few days, blogging will be pretty minimal.

Will resume on Thursday.

(PS, I know I misspelled "here" in the headline. I blame lack of sleep.)


  1. Good luck! College (or uni - that's pretty much the same thing in Australia) is a bit scary, but so, so awesome!

  2. I hope your spelling improves when you write your papers. (check your headline!) :o)

  3. Have a great time... I went to Emerson College in Boston and loved the hell out of it! New England is a great place for college students. Good luck!

  4. Hope you settle in well. I can feel the excitement spilling out in your words.

  5. Good Luck! I'm sure you do just fine....!!! Tom of The Last Reel


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